Sharing Talents and Tales

On July 29, the last Sunday in July, we will be Sharing Talents and Tales after a pitch-in dinner in DePauw’s Fellowship Hall.

We set up for dinner at 5:30 p.m. and begin feasting at 5:45 p.m. At 6:30 we begin the entertainment featuring songs, skits, and surprising stories of our gloried past. Mark you calendars for a night to remember on July 29 at 5:30 p.m.

Sharing Talents and Tales will be an event you won’t want to miss!

See Dale Sidebottom for details.

March Newsletter

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February Newsletter

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December Newsletter

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Giants in the Faith

Congratulations to three of our own who were honored as “Giants in the Faith” for 2011, sponsored by Interfaith Community Council. They were submitted by other DePauw Members, who are friends, and shared how their own faith has been impacted by these three “Giants”. We believe it is important to share this with the Congregation:

BECKY JAENCHEN (Retired Educator) Submitted by Norma O. Robbins… “Becky is Truly one of God’s “special angels”. He put her here for His cause! Her one and only desire is to do for others every day to bring some happiness into their lives. The word “NO” is not in her vocabulary, and though she has dealt with many serious health issues, the smile never leaves her face. He deep and insightful spiritual ability to reach out to every needing soul makes such a strong impact on my faith and that of her friends. In addition to her personal “ministry”, Becky is extremely involved in her church and in civic organizations sharing consistently with them and for their concerns. God has Blessed us all with this precious, loving, caring, and selfless angel. What a truly glorious gift!”

JOHN HOFFMAN (Family Ministries Director), Submitted by Sharon Dukes… “John always has a smile and quick joke. He practices his faith with each person he meets, making him or her feel at ease. His many endeavors throughout his life and his cheerful nature prove that there is joy in serving God. This is how he has impacted my life and makes me feel better.”

SUSAN PARR (Founding Director & Counselor/ Brandon’s House) Submitted by Larry Dukes… “In 1993, Susan opened Brandon’s House Teenage Counseling Center. Many Young lives have been helped by the love of the counselors. Susan gives all the glory to God, and when the difficult times occur, her approach is to turn it all over to God. Her faith and courage have had the greatest impact on my life.”

We are proud of the total of 8 people from DePauw who have received this honor!)


Starting with the November edition of the Communique we are changing how we deliver the newsletter to you. By action of the Church Council in September we will no longer be sending out printed copies of the newsletter by mass mailing, rather here is how we now will be getting the newsletter to you.

  • Our shut-ins will continue to receive a printed copy of the newsletter by first-class mail.
  • A printed newsletter will be available to all on a table in the narthex of the church.
  • As in the past Kent McCaffrey will continue to send out a copy of the newsletter via email. If you have not given your email address to Kent, please do so.
  • The newsletter will be posted here on DePauw’s webpage. If you look in the right pane you will notice a link to the “DePauw Newsletter”. If you left mouse click on that link you will be taken to the newsletter in PDF format and your web browser should load and display the PDF file. If you want to download the newsletter, right mouse click on the link and you should be prompted to download the file to your computer. Please make a note of where the file downloads and open the file with your favorite PDF reader.

Fun & Filling Fundraiser


In an effort to have some fun, eat together, and raise some additional money for the church’s operating budget, we will try something new on October 23rd. Instead of our regular Sunday School time between the worship services, we will enjoy a pitch-in brunch. We are asking everyone to bring your best egg and sausage casseroles, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns . . . or whatever is your best breakfast specialty. After we are well-fed we will be asked to put into a basket the amount of money we would have expected to pay for such a meal at a restaurant. Hopefully this will be a fun opportunity to raise money much like Pie, Praise, and Prayer did.